You’ve Worked Hard – Now,
What Are You Going To Do With It?

You want to become the best agent possible and you want to sell lots of real estate, but do you really know how to do that? If you are like most new agents, you need training and that’s where Advanced Global Realty can help.

At Advanced Global Realty we understand the value of a well-trained agent and we’ll train you to be the best. Don’t get lost in the large franchise world of real estate where you can quickly become a commodity. Instead work with a company that values you and respects you as a person and an important member of a team of professionals.

Advanced Global Realty pays better, trains better, and if you’re a hard worker, you will be able to build a strong future in the real estate industry with Advanced Global Realty. As we seek to help all those needing real estate services, Buyers and Sellers alike, a diverse and dynamic sales team is essential. We want innovative, motivated agents. The ability to speak multiple languages and your knowledge of other cultures is a benefit and will be further rewarded at Advanced Global Realty.

Call us today to discuss how to be a winning member of our team, how we’ll train you to excel, why it is different working with our company, and how as a new agent, you’ll make more with Advanced Global Realty. We want you to succeed!

Call Edward Alford today 413-364-3363 for an appointment to become the best.

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